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Toast Shop Slams BBC's Claims of Toast as "Plain" and "Cheap as Chips" as Irresponsible and Damaging.

November 17 2011 - The Toast Shop, purveyors of the world's finest toast, slams the British Broadcasting Corporation's [BBC] classification of toast as a "plain", "simple" and "hyper-cheap meal" as a damning indictment against centuries of toastal tradition.

Today, from their website, the BBC [quoting the Royal Society of Chemists] took on the might of the British Toastal Community. Slamming toast as an "ultra-economic lunch option", the the pair continue that toast is comparable to the wartime favourite of "carrots on sticks" and considers toast "plain".

The Toast Shop stands firm by its commitment to the production and distribution of quality toast products. Toast is not and never has been a mass market commodity, reports the Toast Shop's head of Sales and Marketing; toast is a speciality product.

The Toast shop reminds cynics that it was the Egyptions who first discovered that kneeding dough transformed flat bread into a luxury product. Leavened bread was valued so highly that Egyptian workers were often paid in bread at the end of the day, making them the first breadwinners. Making toast came along soon after. Originally begun as a way of preserving bread, toasting was very popular among the Romans who gave it its modern name ("tostum" means scorching or burning) and spread toast throughout its empire from Africa to Britain.

The Toast shop is justly proud of its history and the reputation it has gained since first producing toast in 1857; toast that is always crisp, never soggy, and yet offers a softness to the tongue as only velvet may afford.

The Toast shop reminds it's customers that, through these troubled times, it continues to offer a wide range of toast through its online service at

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