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The Toast Shop is pleased to bring you the finest selection of Toast that is available for purchase on the internet.


The Balmoral
A light toast on standard 6mm stock bread bringing to you the decadence that only a handcrafted toast may deliver.
£3.49 per slice

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The Windsor
A toast from thicker 10mm stock bread that is an ideal breakfast toast. Ideal with marmalade and other preserves
£4.99 per slice

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The Sandringham
The benchmark for all toasts. A standard rough cut 8mm bread stock is flame toasted and then manually de-crusted. Simply perfection.
£5.99 per slice

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The Frogmore
A toast for the more broadminded and cosmopolitan connoisseur. Cross cut to save you time, the Frogmore is great to eat alone or to share with a friend.
£5.49 per slice

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The Buckingham
"They're changing guards at Buckingham Palace". Well so can you with our evenly sliced Buckingham; a tip-top dunking masterpiece. Bring on the boiled eggs!
£5.99 per slice

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The Kensington
A festive alternative. Using speciality stock developed exclusively for The Toast Shop by our Master Bakers, the Kensington is a lively toast that will never fail to please.
£5.99 per slice

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